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Dr. Heinz Peter Witzke


Tel.: +49-228-732916
Fax: +49-228-734693
(Private address:
Buntspechtweg 22, 53123 Bonn, Germany)


Dr. Witzke is one of the Managing Directors of EuroCARE GmbH. He has worked in academic research at the University of Bonn, where he was interim professor and at the University of Maryland, where he was visiting scholar. His field of expertise includes large scale agricultural sector modelling with calibration and econometric techniques, database development and management for agricultural and environmental variables and policy. In geographical terms his work usually focussed on the EU with modelling systems CAPRI and CAPSIM, the latter mainly developed by himself. In these activities Witzke also gained a broad experience in project and team management in need to coordinate several international partners from different, often multidisciplinary backgrounds.


Fields of Work

  • Large scale agricultural sector modeling with calibration techniques
  • Agricultural and environmental policy
  • Structural change in agriculture


Work Experience


1987 Diploma in agricultural sciences, Bonn University
1992 Doctorate in agricultural economics, Bonn University


Since 2001 Consultant with EuroCARE Bonn
9/00 - 8/01 Interim professor at the Chair of Economic and Agricultural Policy, University of Bonn
1995 - 2000 Assistant professor ("Hochschulassistent") at the Institute of Agricultural Policy, University of Bonn
3/94 - 2/95 Visiting scholar at the Dep. of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland
1992 - 1995 Assistant professor ("Hochschulassistent") at the Institute of Agricultural Policy
1987 - 1992 Research assistant at the Institute of Agricultural Policy



CV Publications